Springfield, Vermont Police
201 Clinton Street,
Springfield, VT 05156  
Phone: (802)885-2113   
Fax: (802)885-2235
911 for Emergencies
Welcome to the Springfield, VT Police Department
Springfield Police Department Tip Line
Are you aware of Drug activity or other crimes in the community
we should be aware of?

The Springfield Vermont Police Department investigates
tips from citizens concerning criminal activity in our town.
Although we prefer to speak with you
about your information,
you may submit a tip on-line.
You will remain anonymous upon request, no matter how you contact us.
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Please tell us what happened.
and descriptions of all suspects.
If vehicles were involved, describe them and include license plate
information if you have it.   Be as detailed as possible.
Try to answer these questions: Who, What, When and How.
If you choose to remain anonymous please understand
that we will not be able to respond back to you.
Most of all, drug investigations take time.
So please, keep the information coming, we are listening
to you and your concerns!
Before filling out this form, please determine if your
information is intended to go to this agency,
We have received intel on a variety of
issues NOT intended for this agency.