Springfield, Vermont Police
201 Clinton Street,
Springfield, VT 05156  
Phone: (802)885-2113   
Fax: (802)885-2235
911 for Emergencies
Welcome to the Springfield, VT Police Department
Springfield Police Department Forms
Are you a new business owner in town?  If
so, please take a moment to fill out a
Business Contact Form to be placed on file
at the PD in the event of an
after-business-hours emergency.
Need a copy of a police report.  Fill out the
form and submit it to the Administrative
Assistant at the PD.  NOTE:  Active
investigations are not accessible and some
documentation may require a subpoena
If they don't live with you and you want to keep
them off your property.  Serve them with a
letter of Trespass.  This is NOT a restraining
order and does not apply to phone calls and
the subject having contact with you.  
Restrictions also apply to rental units.
Someone issued a bad check?  State's
Attorney rules on Bad Check collecting and
attempt to collect on check form
Everyone loves a Parade...Just make sure
you have a permit for it.  This includes benefit
Leaving the Teens at home and are a bit
fearful of under-age drinking.  Fill out a Home
Entry Waiver form and turn it in to the PD.  
Were you witness to an event or need to file a
complaint and were asked to write a
statement?  Here is a statement to print out
and do so...NOTE:  Statement must be
notarized by a Notary.